FA’s staff is founded en formed by two young, no nonsense entrepreneurs. Both have accumulated experience over the years and have become innovative in finding ways for e-fulfillment challenges.

Bert Claassen and Bart Rosendaal have joined hands to organize all logistical skills with the experience in e-commerce. FA might well be the solution you are looking!

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Bert Claassen

Co-owner, E-commerce specialist

Specialist in e-commerce, active webshops: Claassen WijnimportDe Productenfabriek en

Bart Rosendaal

Co-owner, Professional in logistic processes

Logistic specialist with many years of experience in hands on management in transport issues. Ensuring excellent partnership with family business Rosendaal Transport.

Ron Claassen

Business development

Experienced entrepreneur/manager as external advisor involved in business development and providing services for Brexit

Jak-Kie Chong

Multi-media Specialist

Creatieve multimedia specialist, with experience in web development and IT solutions for E-commerce challenges.

Rick Jansen

Warehouse supervisor

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